Database cleaning

So some tidbits.

Ohayocon's database has about 26,000 attendee records.

There's a bunch of duplicates. (Earlier today probably 8-9,000)

Cleaning the database is a pain in the arse.

Spent most of the day working on it.

It's down to just over 4,000 duplicates but I've taken care of most of the easy cases. (One of the duplicate pair only has name information, the records are exactly the same, etc)

Didn't get much functionality progress done, but this sort of needed done.
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Gadgets and Gizmos

So Last week my power supply blew.

I ended up picking up a new power supply from best buy and then the next day bought a slightly larger case from Microcenter. (I believe over heating was part of the cause the power supply went tits up).

While at Microcenter I attempted to purchase a 120mm fan that they had on display.

The fan had a POV LED that showed the temperature. (That's persistence of vision, basically light spells out the temp and it looks pretty neat.)

This is the second time i've tried buying the fan. They were out. and apparently have been out of them for 2+ years. I asked if they'd sell the display and the guy was like, "Do you really want a fan thats been running non stop for 2+ years?" After looking on line i'm tempted to go back and say yes because I can't find a place to buy the darn things.

Also picked up a Nintendo 3DS this weekend. Bought the Ghost Recon, Street fighter and the new Kingdom hearts game. (KH is a ds not a 3ds game)

It's gimmicky but ok so far. though battery life is a bit meh.
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Quick heads up

Not sure if this will properly cross post.

But I forgot my phone today so email is the best way to get a hold of me until tonight.
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Can't wait for next month

Feb 22. Pale Demon (The Hollows, Book 9)
Mar 1. River Marked (Mercy Thompson, Book 6)
Mar 1. Late Eclipses (October Daye, Book 4)

I will probably be finished with Pale demon on the 23/24th and river marked on the 2nd.

Really should go through and make a list of the series i'm reading.

I know I have to wait until August for
Omniatopia: East Wind (Omnitopia #2)

and the next Alpha/Omega isn't until next year. :(

And no word yet if there is going to be book 3 in Daemon/Freedom(tm)
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SOOO want to leave work right now.

I'm at work.
Two feet away is my Wow: Collector's edition box.

Desktop at home should be up to date.

Key has been applied.

Just need to log in.

Sooooooo resisting installing it on my work laptop.

Doubt my boss would blame me. They already wondered if I was going to show up today.

Worse of it is there is an after work party with a buffet at a middle eastern grill.
Followed by pool and darts at a pub.

I think I'm going to bail after the buffet.
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Free money Yay!... some restrictions apply.

So sorta looked into opening a small stock portfolio.

And noticed an etrade offer. Trade free for 60 days and get up to $500.

Of course there was a little * so I looked at the terms.

Now minimum deposit is $2,000.

To get the $500 you need to deposit $250,000 into your account.

To get any "free money" you need to deposit $25,000 for $50.

Probably not going to be taking part in that offer. heh
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Happiness is...

Playing a game of dominion where you can play your entire deck in one hand and buy multiple colonies.

I <3 Prosperity.

Though it did cause my to fear physical violence from my boss directed towards me.
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I am a bad bad person.

Guy in the cube next to me was explaining to a coworker about what a "Mudder" was.
As in the race horse.

I then ask him. "Do you know what they feed Mudders?"



He groans and proclaims me my Mother's son. (He knows and has worked with my mother before.)
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