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Shave and a haircut

Well i picked the wrong day to get a haircut.

Got the haircut this morning.

Went to work and started packing.

Ended up leaving with
2 xeorox boxes full
a gundum model box full.
2 statues about the size of xeorox box in total

All of them packed. I had ALOT of stuff at work.

Also brought home a stack of like 20 cdrs. i'm not sure whats on all of hem but i burned most of my important stuff to disk.

So when i get around i can install some of the programs i copied. :)

but after i got eveything up to the car and came back i found a gundum on my desk.

Gundams abound in the office. there are like 20. now i own 2 of thoose. i put them together in 1-5 hours.

The one on my desk is one of my coworkers who spends 1-2 weeks on one. he repaints it all piece by piece. it looks incredible. And he gave it to me.

After saying goodbyes again (And they let me keep the office keys for now)
I went and picked up some meds for my operation.

Then I went to the pit and hung out until we went and saw spiderman.

And a word to the wise. this movie doesn't get better the more you see it.

I shall post the remainder once i wake up in the morning or afternoon.

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