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Sleep not really getting it.

Did the mothes day thing today.

After coming home I watched Dinutopia. Really nice so far thugh its not following the same plot as th books. though it seams to be close.

But just spent the last hour or two updating my resume as I wanted to apply to some jobs that had a deadline of Monday.

Unfortunately the ads want 3 letters of recommendation. While I can get two I won't have them for tommorow.

So hopefully they will let it slide when i send the letters in later this week.

Though should be interesting as one of the email contacts on one of the jobs is trashed. job is listed on two different sites and the emails are the same including the contact Us page for the person.

Fourtunately i was able to find the correct email address thrugh the university's email lookup.

So may get brownie points for getting the email sent without calling.

Looks like the person got married recently and they changed the email to fit. *shrug*

Oh but the main reason I cn't sleep is that I'm a little nervous for my operation that is coming up at 11:30 in the morning. So I'm hoping to pass out right now. Wish me luck.

Shouldn't need it as its a routine operation but oh well.

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