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Typical night.

Bored out of my mind after missng the first half of the buffy finale i was hungry.

And extremely bored. So I hit the road at around 10:30

Drove by downtown

Then decidied i'd ty and make it to Mike's.

Mike's for thoose who don't know is some sorta burger place out in Kent.

Never been there and had no idea when it shut down at night.

I now know its before 11. As it was closed when i got there.

Then went to try and get Hardee's on the way home. Haven't had Hardees in ages and saw that the one I passed had a 24 hour drive through. No problem right?

Close was shut down temporarily (Major Cleaning time)

So I ended up driving up to steak and shake and had a comfort meal (more then I should of had)

So Now i'm home and I just watched Bobcat Goldwaith get hs genitals pierced on MadTV.

Of course running through my mind this entire night has been the following question.

Poll #35366 What should I do?

What should I do with my life?

Wait it out (apply to jobs(in Akron) I like and collect unemployment until around August)
Find a job (in Akron area) as fast as possible and have my con trip in august shot to hell
Look for a job in Sand Diego and hope someone would hire me even though i'm currently living in Ohio (and move of course once job is found)

Any other suggestions on what to do?


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