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Bastards Violated my car

looks like it's gonna be a "FUN" morning.

Thats sarcasm folks.

Went out to the car to find that it had been broken into last night.
The door hadn't looked or they had picked the lock not sure.

What thoose bastards got....

a $5 water bottle.

a $10 can of spray glue

maybe a screwdriver or two , not sure

but the thing that really pisses me off is they broke my red sword.

I bought this red sword a few weeks ago at the pentwyvern crown war and the tip blew so I had to get it repaired.

I got it back LAST WEEK and now i have to see if gallon (sp?) will rebuild it AGAIN.
Hopefully he will only charge the refoaming since the core and handle seam to be intact.

Oh well at least i still got to work earlier then before which i needed to do.

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