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Well it was relaxing but not.

This weekend was active.


Took off around 5 ish to head down to the campground.

We all decided to leave the starting house and meet up at the Massilon Walmart cause people needed stuff and we wanted to avoid heavy traffic on 77 cause of construction.

Well at the Walmart we were told we aren't gonna caravan cause some of the people needed to get down earlier and were running late.

So the caravan became mine and 2 other cars.

So we continue on.

We get onto 77 and get stuck in more construction. Then my car dies so I have to pull off on the left side of the highway and call AAA.

One of the guys goes back and checks on another car bout couple hundered feet back and comes back disappointed as they asked him for a bowl to smoke.

Well tow truck comes after about an hour and picks up the pot chicks. then drives up and asks if we were the ones that called AAA.

After talking to him for a minutes we were left with two options.

Wait about 5 hours for another tow truck.

Or leave the keys and AAA card in the car and he will tow it to a truck stop at the next exit and leave it there.

As I didn't want to wait until 12:30 for the tow truck I took the gamble.

So we load all the stuff in my car into the other two cars.

And head on. We get to where the directions take us at around 11:30.

No campground is there and they have never heard of it.

We end up driving for an hour and a half tryig to find the camp asking people and they have never heard of it.

After calling a bunch of people on our cell phones i finally get my friend to find directions online.

the road we missed that takes us straight there was 100 feet past the place we first asked.

So we get there and set up at like 12:30..

I'm gonna do a second post for the actual camp events.

On Sunday when we left we all went to a steak buffet. after filling up we got back on the highway and headed west.

Problem was we needed to go east. we hadn't realised we had passed the exit to go home while going to the buffet

We finally noticed when we hit columbus and ended up driving an hour back to the buffet.

So this was the frustrating part.

At least now I know where the stupid camp is.

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