Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

Weekend in review

Still have to write up about the OGRE weekend but this is just about this weekend.

Lets see Friday.....

Didn't really do anything.


Went to check on housing arangements at Fir Hill. Was told they would have a better idea come July 1st.

Then off to Tri-a where I ended up doing a sales pitch for Ohayocon and watched some anime.

Had a few nice momments there but they are doubtful to exand any time soon.

Then went to my Medina RPG. and sat through drama. made comments on the social behavior then actually role played some.

Went to parents house and crashed.


I journeyed to Cleveland with some of my Medina RPG friends.

To meet a guy named Logan. He makes armor. Cheap.

So I got measured and paid for a leather apron. like a blacksmith's and a pair of mocassins.

ended up being 170 wihich was less then i figured and less then i could get elsewhere.

Most of the time I was being friendly with one of thier cats. Nice socialble cat. Had it perched on my shoulders.

Though I was a tad nervous at the end. He was getting ready for workand we were headed out and he produced a pipe.
and was commenting about how he had made it and such.

I was accross the room but remarked to myself. "Hey that looks like a pot pipe."

He lights up and makes a comment about relaxing and stuff and after a momment the smoke heads this way.

Yep. was pot. Never smoked myself but i know what it smells like.

Fortunately for myself I was already heading out the door.

Afterleaving there the girl driving suggested hitting the cleveland museum of art.

So we went there and looked around they had an art of asia exhibit. which was neat with all the jade work shown.

though the favorite piece I saw was a table top fountain. supposidily one of the only one surviving from the dark ages.

Neat three level thing with little water spouts that flowed over the little water wheels with bells atached. would of been neat to see it working.

but ended up going back home and watching some tv at the parents then headed back to akron.

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