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Two notes of my entertainment.

1. I'm devouring books. I'm going through the Discworld books at a rate of about one a day.
Theese are normal sied paperbacks but i'm just chewing through them. Gah

2. If you remember a long time ago there was movies88.com where you can get movies streamed for like a buck.
well they are now www.film88.com Its the same deal. But they will let you sign up and get $5 free. so you can watch some free movies. And they have a bunch o them.

Watched Maids of Hannuko (so?) last night and it was hilarious. 14 year old boy finds hell in heaven when he ends up owning a house with a 100 or so handmaidens. they do everything for him.
Definately not for under 18 as there is much and much cheesecake. and nekkid cheesecake.

Though there is one scene i couldn't help but find hilarious.

The maids are very protective and high tech (used flash bangs to blind everyone so they could write an answer on the chalkboard for the kid) well in art class they are drawing and the kid cuts himself while sharpenin his pencil.
Well the funny part is what they were drawing. A orange and a banana.

How is that funny but cause after the teacher took them out she proceeded to strip then held them while sitting on her desk.

The really funny part is when the kid is hurt she movies to go see what was wrong and they used a camerea shot from the second row. So this girls head became used for strategic placement to block the teachers nether regions.

The clincher is that when the teacher went to move to far the girl whoose head as blocking would yell "Don't Move!" and the teacher would freeze.

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