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I really should update this more often

I've fallen out of the habit of updating this.

Probably because works been keeping me busy.

I made a purchase two days ago that if it hadn't cost $500 would be a pure impulse purchase.

I bought a PS2. I went to best buy to look at fancy remote controls to possibly purchase this one sony remote. LCD screen and everything. Retails at about $180.
But I saw it online for under $100.

So I went to best buy. they had it for $179. I said forget that and started heading out.
I went through the video game isle. saw where i thought the ps2's would be and wondered. Hmmm do they have any.

I went to the end of the isle and there were two of them just sitting there on the shelf.

So I looked at what games they had and ended up buying.....

The PS2.
A memmory card.
The DVD remote (fancy but only somewhat useful IOW a must have :) )
Armored Core 2 ( I used to play 1 alot )
Z.O.E ( Another fighting/mecha game with a MGS Demo in it)

Though my must have has cost me money. I found buy.com has
some packages and PS2's in stock.

At least if i have any problems best buy is closer then buy.com
and yeah i got the service plan.

So far i've almost beat Z.O.E but its a small game.

I think i'm going to have to pick up DDR for the playstation.
Since i can't play any of my brothers ummm backup cds.
without modding my ps2 and there's no good mod chips out yet.

I even have it hooked up to the stereo with fiber optics. oooOOOOOooo Ahhhhhhhhh

Lets see what else.

Dad's pissed at me.
me and the parents have this sort of cycle.

I get busy so don't talk to them much and don't get home.
(40 minutes both way isn't alot at times but still considering i have get togethers
wed, -Sat evening and work Mon-Fri which is morning until around 6:30-7
Saturdays i don't generally leave the room until 4 or 5 pm

Sundays I try and take as a do something for me day. and seeing my parents isn't generally such a thing unless i have to go talk to them about something important.

So back to the cycle.

Me Busy -> Don't see them much -> Semi-frequent "Are you alive?" "How are thing" emails from parents -> me being slightly annoyed as my life is slow moving.

I tend not to sweat the small things. I win a game. Nothing big.
I blow alot of money not generally something i want to tell the parents about.
Work. There's the sticky point.

I go to work. I joke. I talk to co workers. I get work done. I go home.

This rarely ever changes so every time my parents ask me whats new.
I end up saying nothing much. Cause nothing much has happened.

So this weekend I went home. I have to go home each weekend now cause of a deal i worked out with them. (Basically if I loose wait they pay for a bunch of stuff. Namely my food, my gas, and my car insurance )

They do this cause they worry about me. I understand that much.

Well here's how it generally goes on a visit when i get there after say 9 pm.

Mom on couch. Dad in his chair with headphones for the tv. Them watching thier show.

During the show pertty much silence with mom asking a question or two.
Attention split between show and me.

Then comercial comes. Dad takes off headphones and asks me the same question (50 % of the time) or a similar one ( 25% of the time)

Generally the question can be boiled down to "What's New?"

Though I love the comic I loathe the question.

My response is generally "Nothing really."

Cause my life has been the same since graduation with few changes.

With the occasional. "I had an interview" "No, I haven't heard anything back."
"Told the position was filled."

Cause whenever something BIG happens like car getting broken into,
me getting the position. I call RIGHT AWAY.
So they know about it already.

This whole catching up when you know whats happened to me just rubs me the wrong way.

I was a bit curt with my dad since i was in a bad mood at the time.
I didn't realize he was upset till i talked to him on the phone the next day.

I said "You upset with me?"

"Yes I was upset with the way you talked to me. That's why I ignored you for the rest of the time you were there"

I then tried to explain calmly why and apologized.

I didn't point out that how he acted was how he pretty much does even if he wasn't mad at me so i couldn't tell the difference.

I've gone on more then enough. i'm gonna have to get me some food.

Oh in case any of you wonder what a major part of him getting upset was this time.

He gave me some beef jerky/ sausages to take into work that he made.

I forgot to bring them in and i lied saying i did when i talked to him.
(I'm disorganized in the morning and usually run late so grabbing 4 bags of jerky isn't always on the top priority)

I basically said i put them in the fridge at work and told everyont to help themselves.

He got UPSET at me doing this. and not knowing if anyone took any.

His first response was "So for all they know the guy sitting next to me coulda brought it in."

When he called I later explained how its a very small company.
8 fulltime myself included. and that i wasn't paying attention to if anyone took any.

Well enough of my babbling.

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