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Oh what a wonderful day - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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June 7th, 2002

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11:19 pm - Oh what a wonderful day

Ok so i was headed to the laundrymat to get my clothes done.

I am driving down a one way street in the leftmost lane.

Now between where i got on and where i needed to turn i thought i was fine for a straight shot riding the lights as they turned green and I was well sort of.

1/2 way there. there is a light where me not realizing it. it turns into a left turn only lane.

Really short notice. little arrow and solid white line are maybe a single car length .

Well there was also a sign but i didn't see it until afterwards.

So I accidentily tried going straight through a intersection via a turn only lane.

Now had I been the only screw up there then I might of gotten honked at or such. Since I was hitting the intersection right after the light changed at nigh 35 mph.

So I should of been in the clear.

But no. The lady in the second lane from the left had decided to make a left turn.

So our cars met in mid intersection. We pulled off to the side and waited for the cops.

Incidentily this is infront of the Akron Safety building connected to which is the downtown police building.

Her passenger goes to get a cop and we wait. 40 minutes before a cop stops for us.

In the meantime we were passsed by a sheriff car twice. a sheriff paddy wagon twice. a university cop, an akron paddywagon twice and 2 akron squad cars (one off duty, one doesn't do accidents) before a car came to help us.

Now no one was hurt.

But it took an hour.

So cop just has this incredible look as we explain what happened.

Of course in the end we both get cited.

Me fore failing to follow a traiffic device (a sign i didn't see) Her for making an illegal left turn.

The carnage.

My passenger side doors are buckled. but still function. don't know about the front passenger window.

and my passenger lock won't open with the key. but still locks from electric locks and on the inside.

Her car. her bumper has a hole in it and one of her headlight reflectors is broke.

However its worse for her car why? Its a 2002 aztec.

The insurance companies will most likely not pay since we are both at fault however my parents are going to try and get some money from the other insurance company.


My insurance doesn't have collision so I won't get any from them and i can't collect from the other company cause I am partially at fault.

However. My car isn't mine. It is totally in my mom's name. my dad was once told somethhing about how this can work to get some money. but i don't know. of course its out of my hands at the momment.

Fortunately the car stlil runs.

Why ? Cause I'm driving to Illinois in around 26 hours.
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Date:June 7th, 2002 09:06 pm (UTC)
Better luck on the trip than today, dearie.

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