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For everyone who wrote about that MLM place.
I didn't even bother to call the guy and since i have gotten no call asking where i was
it shows they were interested in bodies not me.

Lets see.
Left Akron around 2 AM on Saturday/Sunday Morning.

Drove to Indiana. Drove part way through indiana then switched with one of the passengers in another car.
Slept through the rest of Indiana then Drove through Illinois.

Basically it took forever and was tired when i got there.

Camp got set up and we went shopping then relaxed.

Most of the week was pretty much the same.

Fought when it wasn'training.

Read a book when it was raining.

Every day it rained at some point.

Some of the fights were good but there was alot of cheating. Not taking your hits.

and I had all my favorite words told to me.

"Didn't I kill you?" and "Light hit"

Met some nice people from cross country.

Tuesday my tent overflowed and I tried to get comfortable in my car but couldn't.

So I ended up getting a hotel room at a ramada in and lucked out that i got 2 nights for the price of one.

Tent was dried out on thursday so was able to sleep fine with my new cot.

Wednesdy night was "Sin Night" meaning they had people drumming and getting drunk.
Plus some suppossed illicit drug use in the "VIP area" since I a) hadn't kissed anyones ass b) am not a member of certain units c) am not female nor have a female present. I couldn't get in though I was offered help to get in by one guy.
But it wasn't important to me.

Now Sin Night was rather tame but thats because i don't drink.

The big event was wrestling. Guy set out a tarp. dumped about 140 pounds of pie filling (apple & cherry)
and had people wrestling.

Extra points were given for the revealing of boobs. So it was rather humerous to watch.

Even funnier was watching the reaction of the park ranger when he showed up and told everyone to be quiet and stop drumming. they ended up moving sin night to the edge of camp.

Friday my group and one of the other ones threw a small party. basically had a campfire and the other group brought the alcohol. Was a quieter party so was ok. Spent most of it on my cot under my sleeping bag though i had moved the cot to about 5 feet from the fire.

I was in one tourney the single blue. I thought i did well but i ended up loosing my first match though i'm told i should of one but the guy took an arm instead of death. its not that important.

Sunday I woke up before dawn (5:30 ish Illinois time) and got packed up around 6:30 so was ready to got by 7

We actually left around 10:30. And after a long drive home got back at around 8:30 pm.

Will I go to Illinois for this again? NO
Will I go to a similar event if closer? Maybe but possibly just the weekend or the weekend and wednesday.

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