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Lets see

Went out and about today

Chineese buffet was the sum of the food that i had today.

then managed to find Rex's and IT WAS OPEN!!!!

Ok the place's full name is Rex's salvage. No clue on the outside as to what it is other the Rexs on the side.

They basically buy damaged shipments by the truckload. and then sell it cheaply.

Example: I could of bought 3 gallons of lighter fluid for 6 bucks heh.

but they have everything from thoose huge stair ladders from toy's r us to beat up cabinets and furniture
to disposible gloves. Once my dad took me there a long time ago and i found some 2nd ed D&D modules (the two spell jammer boxes. :) )

Heck they even had huge guitar ambs (HUGE)

I ended up getting some short Cat 5 cables and a pair of usb hubs.

Now here is the catch. When are they open?

Wednesday & Friday from 12:30 - 4:30

YEP they are opn for 8 hours a week to buy stuff. heh

But after Rex's I went and discovered somethng about myself.

I SUCK AT POOl. So much do I suck that it isn't funny.

I won 2 of the 6 games I played against my friend. And both times was from him scratching on the 8 ball or knocking the 8 ball in.

So spent 3 hours sucking at pool then went and read some comics then came on home. so was a full day.

but it was decided. Next time we go do something to kill boredom.

Its bowling. I don't suck as bad at bowling. heh

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