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Stupid bed

Ok i am moving next month between the 10th and the 16th.

Moving back to the apartment building i was at before the frat house i live in now.

And i've decided i'm not going to keep my waterbed.

wll i've been boiling u for the past week from the heat. Its been so bad i couldn't sleep at night.
What was puzzlng me was why my bed was staying so hot.I
I am familiar with heat retention but it was just staying hotter then it had been last summer.

so I was thinking id just say fuck it. Drain it now and spend the rest of the month on my camping cot.

But as I was checking things this morning. it turns out my water bed was turned on.


Cause I could of sworn i had unplugged it around two months ago.

So through the heat wave my bed has been at around 80-90 degrees and thus heating my room like a huge radiator
if it even gets slightly cooler.

Hopefully it will cool down over the next day or so.

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