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Lets see - Godai Yuhsaku

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July 9th, 2002

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04:23 am - Lets see
Yesterday my phone was declared lost. don't know where it went so my mom called up verizon and disabled it.

OF course now my voice mail doesn't work.

but we are switching my dads phone too my number and i just won an ebay auction for the same phone i lost.

but i hung around with my friend jum watching tv mostly tech and tlc

well at 3 am we walk over to his place so i can take a look for my phone. and see if i left it there.

no go.

course they re in late night mode so i am outside.

There is a dude with his dog. and then this guy walks up and starts talking to dude with dog for a minute.

Then he starts talking me up for a buck. i tell the guy inside what i want and guy starts saying how its obvious i don't have jumper cables on me and startsasking for a buck.

All the while Dude with dog is saying something quietly about how they are gonna call the cops about panhandling if he keeps it up.

I tell the dude sorry i'm charging the buy as is and can't help him.

I've got a buck on me but i ain't giving it to him. Why?

cause i don't care about him. I hear the same story every time. I'm stranded my wife and kids are at the car. I just need to get home.

I've given a dollar before and watched them go accross the street to the store and buy a drink.

So i sign for my 7up and milk. then head off back home fter the guy talks to the attendant about changing change for a dollar bill.

i'm about 1/2 home when i hear some guy yelling out beind me. Its guy who asked mefor money.

Ok I o't live in the best neighborhood but it usually isn't that bad.

Fortunately I'm just at Jim's house so I yell up for him. and the guy is literally running down the street at me. By the tme
Jim opens the door he is basically in front of the house with me in the drieway and jim at the door.

And I keep telling him I don't have a buck. And basically walk into the house and explan whats going on to Jim

Then spend around 20 minutes at his huse waiting for the al clear. Kept hearing noises outside and went really paanoid.

Ended up walking home and got back safely but its the last time i go to the gas station that late.

i'd rather drive the 10 minutes to montrose to the 24 hour super K mart then go through that again.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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