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Past two days

well I've just been somewhat depressed over the past two days.


well here is how my Tuesday went

Early morning run-in with panhandler (mentioned in previous post)
Did nothing.
Went to parents house.
Had dinner
watched movie
came home.
did nothing
cried a bit.

Why is that depressng? It just seams like a boring day.

Problem was it was also my birthday.

I'm 26 now and it was just another day.

I can't remember the last time i had a special birthday.

21st. I didn't even drink
18 I didn't even smoke.
16 I didn't try and get a liscence.

Go somewhere special for bday... never happened.

Birthday party.... I can't even remember the last one i had. it was at least 15 years ago i figure

Call it jealousy, call it envy.. I don't know what to call the reason why it affects me so.

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