Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

the weekend

Mostly went ok at the camping trip

Sat around for most of it on "guard duty" had a couple of exciting momments.

First was I found a bunch of in game money. gave it to one of the head people in my group.

she ended up splitting it with another guy. i ended up dropping the bag where i found it.

Later the guy whose bag it is asked me about it. (I hadn't known whoose bag it was )

I told him II didn't have his money.

Second bit of adventure was walking into my cabin for some food while it was being robbed/

I had seen him walk in out of game but didn't go up cause i had no reason to.
But asI hadn't eaten in a while I went an got m pretzels.

There e was and after straightening out that i was there for pretzels and not to ask him.

I saw himturn into smoke and flyout the window then fly away faster then anyone can track or chase.

This really sucked for me as most of my stuff was snagged but not the groups stuff.

One of the disappointing things that happened was with mods (short for modules)

These are papers that peole find and havee miny adventures.

Now after the first event i had talked about some sort of engineering type stuff.

well someone made a module that required someone to take the skill excavation.

but no one found it.

the other thing that got me upset with mods was that I found 3 things and basically only got to participate in one.

I find a well but don't turn the crank
2. I find a spring but don't investigate it.

3. Found a treasure box which me and two others split.

Well I went and got some others to check out the first two but things got put off.

Then one group went out and triggered the well. which turned into a trap.

Then one of the guys who I had found the spring with is going on about how cool the spring was

So I missed out on all the fun.

So next tme I'm checking all thestuff out.

I will probably die as well but so be it.

But I also have plans for the jerk who robbed me. My character is a baker and will soon also be a brewer meaning i will be bringing some pies/pastry/ and cider/Dwarven ale and wine /grape juce to sell.

So I want to build a wine cellar in the basement of the cabin.

So while I may not get the skill excavation (because character has no real reason to)
I will have to get some sort of mining/stonework/building skill to make it.

But it is so much more then that.

If the allow the construction I will also be a candle maker.

I will use the building skill and candle making to make the cellar. Air tight except for the lid which will be a trapdoor type set up with a grooved area around it.

Nearby will be my candle making stuff with a vat of melted wax.

When the smoke monster shows up next time I will have convienently left the trap door open.

when it goes down i will slam it shut and dump the wax and sealing the thing down there. hehe

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