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Well I'm also moving in a couple of weeks.

So this means packing.

Which means uncovering old memmories.

Back in like 1992 or so I went to a "Governer's institute" basically a week long summercamp for gifted kids.
I attended one at Wright State University.

And I found a notebook from my stay with it being an attempt at a workbook/journal they had us do.

So here is an bit or two from it (in honesty this will most likely be most of it as there wasn't even 3 pages of text heh.

I am the binder of my friends, like the purple stapler. Iam aged and experienced yet I am contorted by others.
No matter what happens, I still bounce back like the spring. That is why I David the Reader is like a stapler.

Page 2

The sun is happy when it is able to shine. When the cloud is covered by clouds its sad. When it ishit by a commet made of cocane it is going to turn different colors

Page 4




Page 6

quick reader
good with logic problems
like music
good with computers
doesn't cheat

Page 8

I am most proud of winning a kool-aid contest. I won last week on the USA Network.
I don't know what I won yet, but I will find out when I get it.

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