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How does one do this?

Ok so i'm unemployed.

Money is a pain. but i'm making due.

But i want to fix the problems with my credit card (that its just shy of being maxed )

I'm going to be getting around 150 from Hardee's of all places. I've got two paychecks from them that went to unclaimed funds. I worked for them back in high school.

But here's what i'm a bit nervous about. I am owed around 340 from friends.

Now $50 of that is from my brother and we are working things out with paying our bills in the new apartment so thats nothing big.

But that leaves 290 from 4 people.

One owes 30 from febuary/march.

One for 80 (origanally 110 but paid 30 back ) from around November.

And one for 160 from August '01.

And the last 30 for January 01.

The first two are college kids who i see practically every other day.

The january one i see every week or every other week.

And i see the one who owes me 160 once in a blue moon. though i think i know where he works and can get a hold of him if i tried. I just find it hard to go call some one up and say. Give me the money.

And people wonder why I hate lending money.

Covering someone on a meal.

Or in an emergency. I have no problem.

Hell I will treat people at times.

But theese weren't any of thoose.

All but the 110 one were for HOTEL ROOMS AT A CONVENTION ( one for ohayocon, one for otakon, one for a gaming con)

And the 110 was for SOMEONE ELSES speeding ticket. He didn't have enough to pay it at the time.
And didn't want his grandparents (who he lives with) to find out. He told me he would pay me back with so much each week. But after getting a 1 on the first week. then a 5 the next. i told him to pay at least 10 at a time.

But you see how much he did that.

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