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So no-shit, there i was.... I took a gamer purity test

You scored 197 out of a possible 490.
That's 40.2% for you math-geek types. Congratulations!

0-10%: Level Zero- you have no experience points and probably no gaming group
11-25%: Acolyte- now you've reached level 8- it's time to learn some real magick
26-55%: Veteran- you've played more than your share of systems
56-70%: Games Master- Lord of the Game, we salute you
71-80%: Munchkin- give me a portable hole full of beer and a major land-war
81-90%: Game Designer- be my friend, no-one else will
91-100%: Gary Gygax- we've worshipped you and burned you in effigy. You also cheated on this test

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