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I baked alot today.

Baked the igor's bar.

Finished the tiger butter.

It seams like its alot but i'm wondering if it will sell or not.

I will probably only make the tiger butter next time as i can make it alot faster.

a batch of tiger butter takes about 15 minutes. then a 45 minute cool in the fridge then pop out of pan and cut.

The igor bars is around 20 minutes then cook 20 minutes 15 minutes cool down then 30 minutes dealing with caramel then 10 minutes cooking then 10 minutes then an hour or so cool down.

AND CARAMEL IS EVIL. its impossible to pour or spread gah may try trying it different.

like make it a cookie. then a layer of tiger butter then the rice krispie and chocolate. mmmm

that might work. ohhhhh especially if i replace all the chocolate with white chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

The worse part is I can't eat this stuff really.

Oh and the caramel makes the igor bars a pain in the ass to cut.

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