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Sore and scraped but had fun.

Well this weekend as I said before was the foamfighting/roleplaying campout.

The candy went over well though i hadn't made as much as i planned.

But it was an unusual weekend.

My character is pretty much craft oriented.

While most people increase thier spells or how much damage they do.

I've been messing with the system using the catch all "Other craft skills"

So while people can cast spells and such.

I can

Make Weapons
Make Armor

One other person in the game has carpentry and engineering
while i'm the only one with Excavation.

My character concept is an uber Dwarven tinker named Tobias Tink. The only character who is fairly close is a friend who plays a
goblin wizard.

To show how sick the two of us are together. We came up with the idea of making a catapult and seige weapondry in game and the people in charge are working with us on actually doing it. The other guy actually had one built but he didn't have enough xp to actually use it.

But first neat thing i found out is that they are possibly adding a new character class that is suited to the character concept.

which would be nice for me. :)

But character class and such determine what skills you can do.

So my character is generally laid back and i only have my flail which i can swing somewhat decently.

well there are alot of "plots" going on. One of which is the haunting of the town by the ghost of the former Lord Chancelor (I think that was the title)

He was killed by the surrounding army at my first event so never really met him.

they threw his head to the town and a person NPCing a kitchen goblin ended up cooking the head in soup.

Well people were thinking that to lay the ghost to rest they needed to bury what they could find of his body.

Well the goblin and the inn owner had no idea what happened to the skull. So I went to one of the marshalls and said.

"Since neither the goblin nor owner claim to have no idea where it is. I'm gonna assume it got thrown out. And since the inn probably has a compost heap that I would use my excavation skill on it. basically dig around."

Well during a large battle in the early evening a bunch of bugbears are attacking giving the town a problem.

And one of the marshalls come up to me and is like "While searching in the garbage I find this." Its a tooth. I don't know if it is his or not. But right after I go find the ghost's living brother and show him the tooth. The marshall comes "in-game" as the ghost. After seeing the ghost just standing there the brother takes the tooth and tries touching it to the ghost's chest. Nothing happens. He starts to walk away I stop him get the tooth and try something.

I try to pass the tooth through the jaw area. (since thats where teeth usually are) and the ghost disappears.

The brother walks off. I start to move and the marshall tells me to start. And the explanation starts.

My character is gone. I have been possessed by the ghost. I have no knowledge that i have been dead so i think i'm in charge of the town and the marshall explains that he will follow me around to give help in role playing as the new character. Which is basically a greedy, arrogant, S.O.B. who demands respect and obedience from everyone else. He is very aggressive but usually attacks from the rear.

So after being overwhelmed for a minute I start to head out to deal with the bugbears still attacking.

And there are three all lined up and facing away from me.

So I run and hit all three down the line. I get hit big by one but i hear the marshall say "sidestep" which is a rouge ability (that I do not have) so I wasn't hit. I didn't kill them but moved on to the next and hit a sorcerer a few times though i got hit and the marshall called out another "sidestep"

The marshall asks if i am hurt. I tell him i am. I'm told that i should seek the healers i know and get healed.
I go up to the shack and demand healing from the healers i know and get partially healed.

But heather is one of the healers (i'm good friends with her in and out of game) and i'm standing there slightly hunched over my hair a mess demanding healing and she asks me something like "What's wrong Tobias?"

I reply in a harsher voice then i normally use "Who is Tobias?"

She went a few shades pale and with the words "I'm leaving now." books off. I almost rolled on the floor laughing.

But after getting healing and one of the players asking who i was and me saying Lord Chancellor Embers. I run back to deal with combat.
By this point there was only one bugbear left who was a caster and could run very fast.

So at this point i've been yelling at people trying to organize them into fighting the one caster. Scary thing was people were listening. I was REALLY yelling loudly.

Well the ghost's brother come down saying that i was needed at the tavern so I start to head up and the brother tries to "way-lay" me (a rouge ability to knock someone out) well the marshall says "sidestep" once again. and i hit him one or two times and he books. So I start yelling.


and head back to the tavern. I get up there and one of the PC's starts complaining about listening to me and what right did i have.

Marshall was standing behind me at the time and all i hear quietly "drop her"

Two hits and she fell. So I'm there are on an adrenlyn high. And everyone is just staring there looking at me when one of the people in the crowd starts casting a spell and tries to cast sleep on me.

He hits me and the marshall just sorts of shrugs meaning the ghost is out of stuff to help against that.

But this is the funniest bit. This was all on saturday evening. Early Saturday morning/Late Friday night a gypsy npc had come around selling protective spells. I among with a couple others had gotten a physical protection (stops one physical hit) and a shield (stops a magic hit).

So everyone is standing there. I get hit with the packet. The marshall shrugs and is about to tell me to take it. When I just Yell "SHIELD" and start chasing the guy who cast the spell. I get to the road and the marshall tells me to stop drop and be unconcious. I fall.

and that pretty much ended it. I was carried back into the tavern and had a 10 minute period being unconcious.

I ended up giving the tooth to the brother afterwards.

But it was really fun afterwords though i was nervous for a while. And I'm told I did the character perfectly.

And I have a good chance of winning the Best PC roleplaying for the event. Though I won't know till next time.

Hopefully this wasn't too confusing for any of you.

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