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Wow hearts pumping. - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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September 13th, 2002

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03:31 am - Wow hearts pumping.
3:00 Started reading some before I went to sleep.

3:20 just woke up from nightmare

Basically was either using computer or some tools in my apartment. went to talk to dad in living room.

Noticed fingernail was bashed along with finger. so start to panic. show it to dad.

while he is looking at it we notice thumb is sorta split with a knife embeded inside it.

basically stretching skin and all icky. sorta like how the nail in the zebra girl comic was in they guys thumb.

dad runs off to get help.

suddenly i'm alone in the apartment with no lights.

i'm looking around and the apartment looks like mine but isn't.

run back to room then back out to living room. Three floating ghosts (transparent pumpkin heads and sheets are floating towards me.

Ghosts turn into a shadow with a gun outline.

I notice a telescope on a tripod i had as a kid in high school.
turn it around and look at the shadow

I'm still panicing. but after turning the telescope around I sorta realize that it is a dream.

So I start rationalizing. that the shadow/ghosts must be my fears. so I start running at the shadowy figure.

and i'm yelling. Takes longer then it should for me to get to the shadow. by the time i get close there are two and they only have super soakers. about this time i start telling myself to wake up. and i did eventually.

I wake up and there's my book still sitting in front of me open to the same page. and my heart is pumping like a jackrabbit.

yeesh its been a while since i remembered a dream and could write down about it.

though hopefully somewhat more pleasant next time. Now lets get some sleep.
Current Mood: shockedshocked

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