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Life can be confusing at times.

Got a few things accomplished

Sent out a few more job apps.

But spent most of the afternoon playing GTA3 : VC. I have managed to fly a helicopter into one of the garages. :)

and not have it blow up.

I ended up deciding to stop when what I was doing required me to watch a stripper dance for 5 minutes.

The graphics aren't THAT good in the engine. heh

But went over to friends house. Must remember to bring book next time.

Ended up playing GTA3 (Not VC) at friends house then watched Men at Work.

But something wierd happened. Some idiot TRIED STEALING MY CAR!

Yeah friend had gone out to get food supplies and comes back saying someone was trying to break into my car when he came back. Guy ran off and hopped a fence when friend stopped and yelled.

Though here's the funny bit. Now you all remember my car had an accident on the passenger side.

well the person was trying to break in on the passenger side. Since the window wasn't smashed or anything I figure he was trying to pick the lock. If he was trying to pick the lock by some method other then slim jim it won't work.

My passenger side key lock doesn't work since the accident. The door locks but the keyhole mechanism just won't work.

So my car was safe. I just wonder why someone would want a car thats a decade and a half old. and has a bashed in side.


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