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Be very careful with forign beverages.


Well I started typing this around 11 am and its now 6 pm.


I got my package from CTC foods.

Which provided me with amusement. I bought some Ramune soda.

imagine melon flavored sprite.

Wierd shit not to my taste though co-worker said it would probably taste better with vodka.

Coolest thing about it.

It's sealed with a marble. you use this funky plunger thing to open it.

and after you open it. you turn it upside down and some spills but the fizz will lodge the marble back in.

Too bad about the taste. :)

I blew off an hour or so of work to make a new shockwave for the
fourtoontellers contest.


You have to be familar with Damonk of Framed to get 1/2 of the joke.

Well I have to head out now. So a couple of quick shout outs

No links since i can't remember ljnames at the momment

Kittenchan: Need to chat sometime. Sorry i disappeared on you :)

Azz: *Hugs & snugs* Keep an even keel hun.

Taki: Watch out for thoose union bosses with wow chips.

Rich: BALDY!!!!!!!!

Everyone else: I'll talk to you later. :)


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