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[10:02] Mom: OK, I was going to suggest that you "pound the pavement", looking for a job. Going to various hospitals, banks, large companies, etc

Of course I can't say what I want to say because that would be. "The thing i'm most likely to pound the pavement with is my head."

I think i'm cursed. My parents and friends are probably convinced that i'm not trying to get a job.

And it makes me pissed off. Cause I am. I apply to like 5-10 jobs a week.

Some online. some fax. some mailed in. I'm nervous about walking into some place and tracking down the HR department to ask for a job that isn't posted or such.

And the fact that i've been applying for all theese jobs over the past 6 months.

How many interviews have I gotten?


And I never heard back from them.

So it depresses me even more.

Seen it said that I have to move to where the jobs are. I can't even seam to find them.

I've applied to a couple jobs out west. I've looked elsewhere.

I get no response. Its a work in frustration.

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