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Ok i try to be a good customer. - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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December 23rd, 2002

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08:11 pm - Ok i try to be a good customer.
I wrote this to D-link about a problem i'm having with the router. As far as I can tell its the router.

============Start of Original Message ============

Recently I've been having the problem where alot of the sites i frequently visit are coming up as unreachable.

When I have my computer hooked straight to the modem i am able to visit the sites but when trying to connect through the router i get a time out (saying it can't find the site).

On a tracert to the site there is a large slowdow. (over 3000 ms) So my guess is that the router is timing out because it is taking so long.

I can't find anything that would allow me to extend the wait time in the router. Does such a thing exist? is there plans for such a thing to exist.

I am using firmware 2.10.

Thank you for your time.

And this is what I get

==========Response =============

Dear Valued Customer,

Critical: Please do not change the subject line of your email when you reply. Leaving the subject line as it is will allow us to review your complete history and help us to better serve you.

Products: DI-614+
Operating System: Windows XP Pro

Thank you for contacting D-Link Tech Support!

Try to get staic DNS numbers on your lan network cards for both hard wired and wireless.



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Date:December 26th, 2002 02:40 pm (UTC)

Re: ...and they try to be good tech support.

When I wrote back for an explenation. They explained it further.

Though it stopped working for a while yesterday.

Oh well

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