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New Year.

If the new year is based on tonight.

Then not only do I have no clue how it is going to go but I may as well shot myself to avoid it. (sarcasm here people)

So I've hung out with the same group for the last 3 newyears now.

1st year was interesting as i was still getting used to the group people chilled at girls apartment and most people got buzzed on the alcohol.

2nd year was at a house. people got really drunk.
couple decent stories came out of it.

This year another apartment different from the first but the same girls apartment.
I wanted to kill myself. It was me and 8 guys and 3 girls. Right there shows a slow mix for a party.
What happened. we sat. watched 3 or 4 movies and that was it.

1 person got drunk. maybe 4 others had anything to drink. Most of the parties the group has had have been at least partially fun with entertaining things happening.

Nothing happened. We couldn't really do anything other then sit. Why? the girls apartment its easy to shake things. and she still has her xmas tree up and it has fragile precious ornaments on it. To show how shakey it is. girl who is like half my weight walks across the room and the ornament on top is going crazy.

But we sat around. and nothing. I probably should of left right after midnight.

Though the night didn't start off to a good tone.

One of the guys gets a call early on. A girl he is crushing on is going to try and hook back up with her ex. So he starts going to get drunk. He tosses his phone to one of the girls saying "here you talk to her" or something to that light.

So what happens. What is the response from his friends in the group.

something along the lines of "Get the hell out of here. There's a No Drama sign on the door and we are enforcing it"

I was in shock. I should of said something i should of yelled but i just sat there.

Here was a friend who we have seen break down over this girl. And his friend tells him to just leave.

Whats more is the friend telling him all this is probably the largest center of drama of the group.

Bout the only good thing is that I got invited to a new years day dinner with most of the people involved.

sigh oh well.
good night errr morning all.

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