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Kill me now

I don't know how many of you have done or are doing gradschool.

But if you are planning on it. Here's a few suggestions.


I'm taking 4 because of wanting to get 15 credits total.

I didn't understand the looks i was getting when I said i was taking 12 credits. But now i do.

My courses are slowly killing me.

And today I finally did what i didn't want to do.

I skipped a class. All throughout undergrad i'd skip classes all the time. well not all the time but if i missed a class it was no big deal.
But I resolved not to skip one this semester and i made it until now.

I told the teacher before that i was going to miss it.

Why did I miss it? PROJECTS.

I have a project due on tuesday and i just spent the last 7 hours finishing it in a lab with my partner.

My project partner for being a computer science major doesn't show much initiative on programming.

I think it may eventually run into problems but it just annoys me.

And now another partner on a project for a differant class is saying my program gives bad data.
Doesn't explain how it is bad. But i've gone over it and i think its doing it right.

Oh and next week looks like fun

MON: Advanced Theory of programming Midterm
Tues: Project speant 7 hours today due
Wed: Software Forms and Methods Midterm
Thursday:Computer Networks and Distributed Processing Midterm

Then fortunately its spring break however.

I've got a SDD to write with my third group for (Apr 1)
and the second part of the Big project is due APr 15

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