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Long Day.

I've had to attend a few funerals in my life. However if you take everyone that has been close to me. Almost all are still alive.

The deaths i've been most hit by have been my grandmother (dad's mom), my grandfather(moms dad), and my great uncle stanley.

I'm probably missing some but the first two are the only funerals i've really had to deal with.

But today I had to deal with my neighbors death.

Judy has lived next door to me with her husband john for practically my entire life.

She died on friday. Today was her funeral.

This has been worse then any of the other in a way. Why because every time i'm home i'm going to look out the window.
and see her house. and think of her.

Of course what didn't help me is the consoling meant for others. I never knew her beliefs in god and such. but i felt a little bitter when 1/2 way through the service.
The service stopped being about her. And instead focused on Jesus. So it turned into having love for Judy in your heart to the love of Jesus.

While its not a difference to some people I had problems. with this.

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