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Death Revisted

This weekend hasn't turned out to be so good.

Friday, while its traditionally a hellish night for University of Akron students. (Started out as university plant a tree day in the early years. progressed to party central then police crackdown in recent years) I spent wanting X2 then Ever After. Sitting slightly uncomfortably near a girl I will probably never get a chance to form any sort of relationship other then just friend.

So That was a total excite o rama.

Today, woke up and found out that my Uncle died. This is the one I refered to a couple of posts ago.

Then went to my anime club meeting and found out they had a melt down there. with friends fighting. I missed the melt down and only dealt with part of the aftermath.

So I'm feeling like shit at this point, then realize its Free comic book day. So I hit 2 gamestores that have free comics. Neither had either Keen books.

But I ended up buying a bunch of comics at the one.

I then went to Laser Quest and played a game. Little kids breaking the rules. I did so so. But of course they gave me the wrong nickname. So for the fight I was Dodai.

Then go to my one game. Barely said two words. The game has degenerated from roughly 8 players and the dm at two years ago. To the DM and 4 players.
One of which is a recent addition. My character has little to add. One trick pony really. I can build gadgets (Holy Builder of Gond) but I haven't had the gumption to design anything as of late.

So I sat there reading my comics. I ended up with 15 comics, The 7th Invisibles Trade PB, and the Ninja HS textbook 2 (over 20 issues its a phonebook)

This evening I read 13 of the comics (Didn't read the free archie comic I got) and the invisibles TPB. and am still working on the NHS book.

All this and the realization I still have to finish a paper for one of my classes, that I have my 4 exams still this week. And a funeral to go to.

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