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"Lost in love,
Lost in life.
Hell, I must of been Ryouga in a past life."

This is a quote i'd made that would foat around in my descriptions.

It's really hitting me now I guess. Trouble sleep. Trouble getting anything accomplished.

People act with surprise and are shocked that I don't have a job yet.
This reaction just frustrates me even more.

I send in applications and call. Out of the 50 or 60 applications. I've gotten a total of 2 phone interviews and a 1 in person interview. The inperson one being one advertised in the papers.

all i ever get is MAYBE a letter saying we recieved your letter/resume. then nothing.

My parents tell me I give people too much time. So i've tried being slightly pushy on the past two positions.

1 the progressive position has played like this. I apply they call me back. I have a phone interview. I send in an email asking about it later that week. No answer.
I send another email today (now two weeks) and still no response.

2. The recruiter position. I apply. we trade emails a few times. my resume and such. Says she will call me on thursday. She doesn't. So I call on the friday.
And have phone interview. She says she will run it by the IT people at the company she is recruiting for.

No call on monday. none on tuesday, so I write her an email. Turns out the IT people are out of town for all of the week at some training thing.

So Monday is a holiday. No call or email yesterday. So I sent an email toaday. And she asks if I have 10 minutes tommorow to talk to her. So I'm going to call her tommorow at 11. If she doesn't call me then.

I also found out today that with a university job I applied for 2 months ago, that I haven't even been considered enough for an interview. The only reason I know that is that the webpage finally noted that "Interviews completed" it goes. Accepting applications. Reviewing applications. Interview completed.

So it takes months for me to find out if I even got considered for the job.

I don't know what to do . Or how to handle this anymore. I have a degree. I have experience. Why can't I get a stupid job.

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