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Job Suck continues

Well can write out the progressive job.
and I quote
"I have decided not to have you come in for an interview. You are a strong
candidate; I just have stronger candidates to consider right now. I will
keep your resume on file for possible future openings on our team.

and for the job through the recruiter.

So the delaying continues. So its been 4 weeks now?
First week dealt with her.
Second week called on fact that management in New York for training.
Third week dealt with her. She supposidly talked to management and makes pitch.
Fourth week. Guy has supposidly seen some of the resumes (by thursday)
Fifth week (next week) Guy at company is on VACATION, the entire week.
Sixth week (Starting the 16th) He is supposidly going to start calling people FOR PHONE INTERVIEWS.

So even if i was perfect for the job and he hires me at my first face to face interview. That wouldn't be for probably close to another MONTH.

Had some other company I applied to back in like MARCH email me back. When I first applied they said "Thank you but to let you know, we don't even know if this position will exist yet." so I just got a letter saying "Hey, the position is going to exist still interested?"

Frustration abounds

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