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Potter Update

Took me just over 12 hours to read the new book. So had my mail come earlier I might of been able to read it all before it was officially able to go on sale. :)

I didn't really like it. Yes it was harry potter. but honestly I don't think it had the magic of the first 4.

It was darker then the rest. And more complicated from the rest. The first 4 had pretty much straight out bad guys and voldemort.

This was all politics and it became annoying.

Annoying points:

Mini-Hitler squad.
Turning Voldemort into a Osama type figure. (He's not really dead. Thier looney)
The abussive relationship with Haggred. No its alright if your beaten to a bloody pulp if its your brother
The shear stubborness. If someone made me write with my own blood i'd be pounding on Dumbledoors door so fast it make heads spin.

I think back and wow. nothing really good or exciting happens.

The best scenes that come to mind were the training montage with the DA.

The book is so wide spread out its fragmented in my opinion.

Though I wonder if I would of enjoyed Neville Longbottom and the Sorcerer's Stone more? heh

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