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It's the end of the world as we know it.... - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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June 25th, 2001

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01:03 pm - It's the end of the world as we know it....
Well I survived Ragnarock.

Well sort of.

For thoose unfamiliar with it.

It is a week long campout where Dagorhir foam fighters go and beat each other all day long.

And they spend the night doing one of many things. most could be classified as reckless/immoral/illegal.

No its not a rampant orgy with druguse rampant. but to say these things didn't happen there wouldn't be true.

Now I was not there for the entire week and only got the abbrieviated version.

First thing you notice when you go to rag.

Lots of people.

i was given number 503 and most people were there on monday.

I found my groups site rather easily. heh I actually found it before i found the check in.

But after checking in at around 8 pm on friday i was delayed from setting up my tent by being told that everyone was going to the local all you can eat steak buffet.

This did not bode well for my loosing weight attempt though i did manage not to entirely pig out.

But i wandered around a bit on friday with piper. and followed him as we went to a couple of sites.

We saw one groups "Purgatory Night" temptress, satan, son of satan and such.

Then later went to another groups Marde Gra. though it was pretty much dead.

I saw a total of 2 sets of boobs. One of which I coulda done without. (Sorry gabe. Man-boobs aren't my thing. heh)

Wandered back to camp and crashed.

Oh I was forced a shot of irish whiskey or scotch i forget which.
Stuff burns like hell.

Though at purgatory i was handed something that i have no idea what it was.
Other then it was alcoholic.

Oh friday night it started raining so i got a tad bit wet though it was nothing like what i'm told happened earlier in the week.

Well I got to sleep and was woken up extremely early by what sounded like an inferno.

i looked outside my tent and saw a couple guys with flame throwers about 20 feet from my tent.

I found out then that i was basically camped right next to where the roast pig was going to be cooked.

Managed to get back to sleep and woke up at a more respectable time (after sunup)

Woke up and managed to put the finishing touches on the shield Paws made for me.

and did a little shopping bought a pair of leather gloves.

then ended up marching out with mine and another group for the days battles.

Well I died a few times and i survived some others.

It definately is different when dealing with hundreds of people then it is with twenty or so.

Nothing spectacular happened whith me on the field though the castle battle was certainly interesting.

but i went back and got a drink during the unit battles as i don't belong to a unit.
Never occured to me to just go out by myself.

My loss. And there is always next year.

After this was the feast which for me consisted of going getting food and coming back to camp to eat.

But then it started. The politics.

Dagorhir suffers like every other alternative group that i deal with.

It is clique based. Every idea, every position. is judged not on the merits but of the person behind the idea or the people they associate.

This is evident in the huge thing going on at the momment with various people trying to form a n national organization to blanket all the small realms.

But this wasn't what the politics i was faced with was about.

Instead its the "knighthood"

Kingdoms can have knights just like in ye olde days. To be a knight you have to know all the various rules/ combat etc but you also have to squire under a knight.

In our kingdom there are 2 knights (one of which i don't think i've met) and 2 squires.

Now squires have to basically take orders from the knights even if it isn't the one they are under.

Well the one squire wasn't happy with how he was being treated by his knight and basically started complaining around the campfire. Knight was not there.

And the knight was wearing thin on most of the others. (He does seam to have a stick up somewhere alot of the times probably also cause he has been doing it so long, etc)

(I personally do not follow the belief that just because you've been doing something longer you are always and automatically more knowledgable and or right)

Basically the chat around the fire went bad. With talk of him possibly challenging him or taking this action etc.

I didn't say anything and was starting to look for an exit when i saw said knight approaching.

My reaction. *shit* *walk towards my tent* *walk past* and keep walking.i ended up walking around the camp looking at the parties going on and sat for about 30 minutes just looking at the stars on this huge hill. "Was somewhat relaxing but also depressing as the partying could be heard.

Went back to camp. They were still talking so walked some more.

Still talking.
ended up just crashing.

I'm assuming they got it resolved. But it should of waited until wednesday when people weren't so sick of each other.

Went to bed woke up in the morning and got my stuff almost completely packed before anyone else was up.

Came home and gave the house a gift i picked up for them.

A gigantic beer bong.
Made from a traffic cone.

heh well i need to do some real work now.

I will talk to everyone later.

Oh I did buy something for myself. Will describe it later.
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Current Music: Bambee - Candy Girl

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[User Picture]
Date:June 25th, 2001 11:53 am (UTC)

Re: heh...

Heh I understand completely.

You needed to get thoose beads heh.

And you pale in light of the king of the naked people. heh. No offense to the guy but Jabba the hutt kept going through my mind.

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