Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

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Life presists.

to suck that is.

You know the job. The one jerking me around for over 6 weeks.

Yeah that one. Found out today that the guy decided to find someone with more experience.

That and the training bitch just hitting me hard.

And while me working temp is me working. It doesn't exactly improve my morale since I have nothing in this job.

No real future. Nothing except some money to tide me over. No real importance to even list it on my resume as it doesn't provide much.

Maybe later i'll feel in the mood to update about the weekend.

I'm really scared that i'm become even more depressive. Cause when I sink lower I tend to splurge. And since I don't have the money the likely target is in the freezer right now.

In the freezer are about 30 packages of canadian white chocolate reese cups that i got off of ebay.

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