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When it rains it pours.

Well you know how i had an hour long interview on the phone two weeks ago. (The other nice job prospect that isn't the one in the previous post)

Got an email today. I'm letting you know about the job you were interested in. We got applications from two former employees so we are highed one of them so have no vacancies. sorry.

gah. So there goes my two current job prospects as none of the others have contacted me yet. Need to send out some more batches. actually i need to print more resumes up.

However I've had two nice things happen. My brothers gf gave me one of the Harry Potter hats. I didn't even realize its probably for my bday. heh
But I hung out with my friends tonight as they are back from the week long foam fighting event.

They also went to Origins on Sunday. They brought me a gift.

Its an all black t-shirt.

On it is in simple white text.

"I've got wood for your sheep."

I can't wait till i can wear it.

Of course most people will probably think i'm wierd for wearing it.....

Either that or Scottish.

well i'm off to bed.


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