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July 21st, 2003

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10:54 am - You know
I don't think working at the place i am helps me relieve stress any. Why cause the stuff I type up contains stuff like this. It shouldn't cause a problem as it is a direct quote from a Law article by J. Bond and not anything from my employer but anyway.

"Affirmative Action is not about preferential treatment for blacks; it is about removing preferential treatment whites have `received through centuries giving equal treatment to people who were denied equality in the past"

My problem with this statement is this.

Because this thing is so wrong and been going on for hundreds of years. We are going to do it again.

This is what aggravates me. I believe you do something wrong you should be punished. This is like the bibles "original sin" concept.

I want to be judged on my actions not on the actions of people i have never met and the only even close to connection i have to them is that they had sex hundreds of years ago.

So if Affirmative action is around for a couple hundred years the cosmic pendulum will swing back?

And it will just stop at an even mark?

No because then "whites will complain about the past couple hundred years"

You punish people who are doing wrong. Not those who look like them. Because that would be profiling and wrong.

The article is "A call in Defense of Affirmative Action: Just Spoils of a Righteous War" by Julian Bond

Sorry bout the rant
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Date:July 21st, 2003 09:40 pm (UTC)
Um...wow. This is political. Are you okay?

When Brunswick High had its college fair I checked out Michigan U's booth. The old guy there literally told me that despite my straight As, outside activities, etc., that they weren't interested in getting whites. They were trying to recruit minority students (we had, what, 3 in Brunswick?). This pretty much sealed my opinion on Affirmitive Action. The whole experience left me feeling like crap. This year's Michigan U fiasco only brought up that old pain.

Over the years that opinion has only been reinforced. Take my former roomate Lawrence. He was failing just about everything, never studied, didn't even bother buying the books most of the time, and slept with a different girl every other night. And he got three times the financial aid for shcool as I did simple because of his color.

Getting treated like a second class citizen for something I've never done doesn't strike me as very just. Watching those less qualified get better perks just pisses me off.

As I'm a bit more political than you I've had a few more conversations on this topic. It seems that the majority of people our age and younger share this feeling. Those older than us don't for the most part, as they were around when blacks were still getting all kinds of crap and are riddled with guilt for letting it happen. Affirmitive Action is just an easy way to ease that guilt for them, despite it not solving the REAL problem and creating new ones.

We need to strip race from every form. It shouldn't be on financial aid forms, it shouldn't be on job applications, it shouldn't be on insurance. Benefits and hiring should be decided on merit alone.

If certain groups are behind others in skill and education, then the education of those groups is what really needs to be addressed.
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Date:July 21st, 2003 11:23 pm (UTC)
Technically you don't have to answer what your race is on forms.

But the funny thing is. According to the article i quoted.

I'm more of a minority then them.

3% of americans are jewish, 12% are black. i believe those are the numbers.

There was another article about White studies class in a college.

Now youd think people would protest it thinking it would be like KKK whtie power and all. As Black studies course, and other nationality/religion courses promote the uniqueness of that culture.

But no. The white studies courses are about degrading whites.

The description of the class seamed to embarass/guilt white students into being ashamed of themselves. And if i remember correctly was basically saying that white culture/race was made up simply to encite poor whites of the time against the blacks.

I have no idea how historical this is but it was another twig on the fire that makes me dispise clinical psychological research.

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