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I don't think i have good or bad luck. I think I have sadistic luck.

At the interview, place seamed slightly familiar.
Guy starts interviewing me, says President is still at lunch but will be back soon.

President walks in and says, i shit you not, "Haven't we interviewed you before"

I'm like maybe a couple of years ago.

So they give me this programming test. (C and psuedocode and reading delphi)

I breeze through them. And they seam familiar. and I relize I did interview there the last time i was looking. Bastards didn't give me a job though last time that is. If they do hire me which i will hear about next week it will be for around 26000/yr.
More then now. Less then at Sanctuary, though thats for the first 3 months then review time.

Now I get a call today about another interview.

I'm unsure if i could live with myself if i take a job with the one i am interviewing for on monday.

Its for a position at a company that does......

Direct marketing.

Which means junk mail and spam. Though thier website says its only opt-in email.

Do I become a spammer..... *shiver*

Oh and my current temp job has me in the basement now.

Being surrounded by manilla folders.

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