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Saga begins

I traveled yesterday to the halls of Parmatown mall yesterday.

There I traded an envelope containing $500 for a backpack containing takami826 's old laptop.

Its aa HP Pavilion N5415. 900Mhz Duron.

Which is faster then my desktop.

Only bad part 10 gigs of HD space.

Which isn't good since i want to load it up with XP Pro, Visual studio, office and MS-SQL.

Thus the second step in the saga. A company will shortly be sending me a 40 gig hd to replace it. Then will come the personality transplant for the laptop.

Then eventually a wireless card so I won't be stuck with the tether. (Planning on getting the card used by the university. So whenever i am close enough to campus I can get on the net. For as long as my ID is good.)

Oh the bad news. I'm really poor at this point heh.

Though I got my next paycheck in the mail so I should be fine.

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