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When it rains it pours. But unfortunately this wasn't water.

Ok so you know how I bitch about not hearing about jobs.

Well I keep my cell on me all the time (practically). Including at temp job.

Normally I don't get many calls.

Today I got called 4 times.

3 of which were job related.

Now you might think that good.

1 - Web guy for a bunch or retards. literally Its a web position for one of the mental retardation groups. What was mis posted on Akron's posting for this job. Unpaid internship. Sorry, need to eat.

2 - Database Administrator. not even sure which company it was as the guy spoke fast. Asked one question, How much? aka Salary Requirements. I answer, "Well I would like to make what I was at my last professional job which was about $30,000/yr.
Guy sounded like he could not hang up faster, "Well thats all I need to know from you at this point. I will call if I need anything else" or something to that affect.

3 - Dee called. He wants to catch up. Meaning he probably wants something from me.

4. - Recruiter calling about a job opportunity. leaves a message. I call back. He starts the pitch off presenting the opportunity not for me, but if I KNEW SOMEONE for the position. Because position was for 7+ years. Was actually 2 positions, 1 could of taken 5 years but needed two years .NET experience.
Which I can't claim cause I HAVEN'T BEEN WORKING WITH IT SINCE IT CAME OUT. but i can't even bluff a year with .NET cause I haven't done anything with it.

So yeah. 1 recruiter looking for me to do his job. 2 jobs who don't pay or are looking for someone who will work for burger flipping jobs. and a friend who i'm pessimistic about dealing with at times.

Such a lovely day.

Still no news about ebay.

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