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Oh a bright or at least pale light note or my continuing ebay hassle.

Tried calling the phone number for ebay guy.

Never heard of him.

So I send email. saying the following


I haven’t heard anything from you as far as the auction I won.
Also the phone number you have given ebay is either out of date or just inaccurate. (703) 585-8029
Its also been a week and a half since I paid.

I figure I would give one last chance of contact before I start trying to get my money back.

So please respond. I plan on starting the process of getting my money back in 48 hours. (Thursday the 21st.)

Hopefully I will hear from you before then.

Godaiyuhsaku on ebay

And after 2 hours I get a response. Although I didn't see it until now since i've been out all weekend

His response:

I appoligize for the delay, I made a mistake on your address, and I just received the item back this morning. I will ship it out first thing tomorrow.
PS: I will also update the phone number.

So I will hopefully be getting my Cisco card by friday so I won't have to keep stealing my brothers card.

Oh also I sold my old tv which has been sitting in the living room since xmas for 20 bucks. Hopefully its good enough quality for Dee who bought it.

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