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Ok This I don't quite understand

So I was putting off work and looking at friendsfriends list.

Someone in the pagan community posts about how she (I think) doesn't take any medicine. None period (except for excedren a couple of times). And that she can't find a good herbal remedy for really bad headaches.

And mentions about her super strong immune system from vegetarianism and whole/organic foods.

Now I understand why people will refuse, mind/chemical altering drugs along the lines of illegal drugs, anti-depressants, and the such (Psychotropic i believe is one term for them)

But refusing Asprin and Anti-biotics. The first thought is the episodes of ER and the parents bringing in kids refusing treatment because of whichever the one religion is that uses "faith healing"

It just has an annoying amount of hypocracy for me. Medicine while not an exact science is still a far cry from alchemy or leech users.

That someone who is obviously not against science/technology/research is so selective. Here they are posting on the internet. which is pretty much a high point of technology right now.

But many more years of research and development and refining of asprin, but thier belief denies them. Now I can't blame a person who is following an established belief system. When I say establish I mean they don't have any large say in the tennants of the belief system. But someone in a belief system that is open almost entirely to the personal level, i just can't see the logic.

I realize I'm trying to apply logic to belief systems but thats how I work. One can say Logic is part of my belief system.

I mean break it down. Your body gets sick. It means your immune system is having trouble with something. The headache and sneezing and dripping, are not the actual disease but side effects caused by your body fighting said disease. Medication is trying to help your body. Is it pride installed by belief system? That you can't seek help in fighting it?

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