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I don't know.

Yeah, I'm out of it.

After hearing nothing last week from Diebold, I called on Friday. Got voice mail. Left a message. No call back today so far.

But I did get a wonderful email from them. But i'm not certain about it. Why cause it is a mass mailed piece of shit email from when they close the job on thier posting site.

So I am crushed but I have a little bit of irrational hope. That the automated is a mistake. But I doubt it but is it rude, after 2 phone and a f2f interview onsite that they send an email that doesn't even have a hr persons name and is instead signed

Best regards,
Human Resource Department

I HATE when I get these responses. I get them from SAIC. how they say they keep the resume on record. BULLSHIT.

They may have them on record but i don't think that they look through them, I have never in my life gotten a call from a place who had received my resume from a previous position I applied for.

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