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Ok I think I'm a bad person now.

Ok for those who don't know.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King opens in just over 2 months.

Pre-sale tickets for a special opening event went on sale today.

The fellowship: extended edition
The Two towers: extended edition
The return of the King

Basically its back to back movies from like noon until 3 am.

for $25

Now I'm not sure if I am going to go to that, or to a demo that MIGHT be going on at the same time. Person who is organizing it has no clue yet, and second friend is thinking about trying to put something together if first falls through.

So I took a chance.

I bought 3 tickets.

Now 1 i can use myself, but I haven't decided about the other two. I figure since theaters have started selling out, I may go ebay route. Or I may go the route of just asking around friends. Or I might just pick a price and sell them at the one comic shop I know they could move them through.

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