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Ever feel so stretched thin...

Ok i've been losing focus (what little i've had) as of late.

Because I don't seam to ever get enough time.

Now whenever I bitch about lack of time. My brother starts saying about how i'm not cutting into my free time. Problem is a lot of my free time feels like work.

Now here is why I am stretched in 8 different directions.

Work: I work about 36-42 hours a week. Depending on load, this is me doing the typist thing.

Potential work: I have the comp guy at where I am working now talking to me about doing a graphics programming project for them. I've also done some networking and there was talk about me going on site for one of the testings next month

Potential work 2: I am one of 4 people trying to start a business. I'm the main computer guy and am trying to get a flash->asp->sqldb system up and running and i'm still dealing with the flash-> asp part. but i'm behind. i've got a meeting tonight.

Looking for work: I'm still looking for work that is what I went to school for.

Looking for school: I'm trying to get an assistantship to go back to school.

Volunteer: I'm in charge of reg for Ohayocon and have been falling behind.

Then there are the fun activities: Monday game, Monday fighting practice, tuesday fighting practice, thursday fighting practice, thursday game, wednesday game, friday game, saturday game, and weekend events.

Now these fall into three categories.
Hunt me down: Monday, Wednesday, thursday, and one of the saturday game. The people expect me to always be there.

Fighting practices : I try to go to one of them a week. typically monday or tuesday.

The thing is all of these cause stress. They didn't at first. But they have started mounding up and cause more stress. I can't figure out how to cause them not too add stress.

And to top it off I have two more stressors caused primarily by the parents. Weight and work.
Weight: I'm overweight. I'm at a new high weight and am starting yet another attempt at losing weight. But parents bringing it up doesn't help though they are paying for the attempt.

Work: I get no responses from inquiries. I barely even get brushoff letters anymore. Though i'm told its cause I don't call/follow-up strong enough. But this pressure to continue sending all the resumes.

The thing is I can't figure out how to balance the schedule and get things accomplished.

In computer terms i've started hashing. All my time is being used up on handling the jobs but not actually processing the jobs just the existance of the jobs.

So my net result of progress is 0.

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