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Good than bad than ?

Well I was late to one of my scheduled rpg sessions and i missed another in the past two days.

I don't want to say I skipped them. But my motivations was severly lacking.

Part of cause was the incentive of getting to see people i don't normally get to do things with because of time aspects.

So I saw Timeline. No big scary or surprises. But was ok for a mindless action pic.

But its always feast or famine with me and that leads me to trouble.

Ok next week is going to be heaven or hell.

On monday, I have an interview to be an AV tech at the South Euclid-Lyndhurdst High School. ( I think I will be running the AV at the high school.)

Tuesday, A possible interview at a manufacturing "think-tank" environment set up by a recruiter. Interview may not be Tuesday.

Also Tuesday, Trilogy Tuesday, I sit through the extended versions of the first two movies and the premier of the third.

Also Diebold just posted a position that I qualify for majorly on thier site which means I will hopefully get the interview with them soon (I applied to a higher position last time and got the interview)

I handled my insurance problems. I've supposidly been insured since Nov. 1st. But I never received information from them. I didn't schedule a Dr. appointment because when I called the insurance place they didn't have a record of me.

Well I called today because if I want to be insured next year I had to do it today.

They first were going to give me the provider information that my provider could call. Seams I was covered. But I started arguing that because I had no information I never made any appointments so i didn't use it. And Manpower has decided to switch providers so I will end up with a different insurrance on Jan. 1st.

So by me being a "bad customer" they agreed that if I send them a written statement they will cancel my insurance back to Nov. 1st and refund my money.

She then said any perscriptions or such will be billed to me. I said thats no problem there aren't any.

This wasn't a small amount. The wonderful insurance I could buy through manpower cost me $60 a WEEK. So I will get back about $400 bucks. But I will not have insurance until the first of the year.

We will have to see how this plays out. Yes I'm gambling that I will have less than $400 in medical expenses before the new year.

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