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The sole weakness of Mithrill

Ok so the She is Shelob or however you spell it.

She takes out frodo at some point by stinging him.

From what it looks like, She stings Frodo either in the front of back. Back sorta from the camera view. But it looks like there is a stinger wound on his chest in the following scene.

However The thing that gets me ticked.

MITHRILS ONE WEAKNESS IS GIANT SPIDER ASS. Frodo was wearing the armor. The goblins remove it 2 scenes later and theres no time for frodo to change his clothes.

So that means the spider had to have pierced the chain. But there is no damage to the chain. And you can see by the size that there is no way in hell the spider could of gotten the stinger inbetween links or the such. I'm sure I could make a sex related comment here. Gah

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