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This is going to be a head exploding semester.

So yeah. You know when I signed up for a course you should find out what the course was about.

Decided to see what the teachers had up if anything.

And I realized two mistakes about one class.

The Bioinformatics class. Is a different teacher then I thought. Duan not Dang.

But heres the big thing. I thought Bioinformatics would be dealing with finger prints. Because it sounded similar to BioMETRIC.

So what is Bioinformatics?

"Bioinformatics is a rapidly evolving field that studies biological systems and biological data (such as DNA/protein sequences, macromolecular structures and functional genomics data) using analytic theory and practical tools of computer science, mathematics and statistics."

Who hasn't taken any sorta biology course since High school? Me. heh

Going to be a wierd semester.

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