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Like a Thief in the night

I sorta disappeared this weekend.

After work on friday, I hung around until 9:30 then went to see Final Fantasy.

Plot Ok. Graphics Great though you can still tell its animated.

Voices : SUCKED. It sounded like they took the sound straight from the recording room.

I mean if your standing in two drastically different rooms it will sound different.
It will not always sound as if you are in a sound proofed room all the time.

Well got home at around midnight. Layed down on the couch.

Didn't make it out of the couch. Fell asleep on it.

Saturday morning woke up ended up playing some diablo 2 and got bg2 working again.

Then headed out to my rpg. Role played until around 3 in the morning where i managed to drive to my parents house and crash there.

Sunday i relaxed in the parents hot tub for a bit and went to see Scary Movie 2.

And eventually went back to the house where i wasted away the night.

But all in all i didn't do much online. (Yes i played d2 but it was a single person game. :) )

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