Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

This weekend. Another one devoted to things other then myself.

Friday, I sorta skipped a hang out session/failed attempt at roleplaying because I was stressed out over a project. But I eventually got the project finished.

So I spent some of the night playing FFXI, but didn't do much because last week. I got up at 6:30 on wednesday. Fell asleep at around 6:30 at night. Woke up 5:30 on thursday. Then was awake until around 4:30 am Friday morning. Then slept to 8 am.

So Friday I ended up passing out fairly early cause besides the existing lack of sleep I had to be up at 5 am on Saturday.

Saturday, mom picked me up at 5:30 to drive to youngstown for Destination Imagination. For those who don't know DI is like another group Odyssey of the Mind. Where school kids creatively answer a problem and put on thier 8 minute performance. I did it in highschool and elementary school. But now I help judge at the regional and occasionally state level.

While aspects are fun. Meeting the kids and seeing the different solutions. There were aspects of stress. First are bitchy coaches and parents. But more so was one of those good bad things.

Most people who have met me on here know I'm introverted to a large extreme. While i'm not entirely phobic. I get stage fright and such or nervous around a new group of people. Well this year I got to be Announcer for the problem. Which means I gave the same speech roughly 12 times during the day and mispronounced god knows how many names. This was good because I got to yell at people like a teacher to get everyone quiet. But still was draining.

Got home saturday night and my plans for that fell through. Though we rescheduled.

Then Sunday, got to drive down to Columbus for an Ohayocon meeting. Was late getting down there. Somewhere along the way I lost an envelope with a $1600 check in it. I'm not even sure what the check number was cause I wrote it over a month ago. And get down to the meeting and my major worries weren't relieved and it made me feel even more useless as a staffer.

Supposedly the board of director concept got accepted. and lets see. One bod member is in new orleans. Another is moving to Texas in a month. And the third is likely to move to Texas in about a year. And lets see. The con has no treasurer nor any sign of accountant. Oh and the board who are also the conchair have decided that they think the con should move from January to June. And that we need to come up with an answer quick. BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN SITTING ON IT FOR WEEKS.

And supposedly I got praised before I got there. But it looks like i'm going to run reg for another year.

I hope it doesn't kill me.

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